I genuinely resent how ‘respecting parents’ often translates into allowing yourself to be an emotional (or even physical) punching bag, doormat or vessel for them to relentlessly project their idealized image of the perfect child, which often proves detrimental and inhibiting. Fuck that shit.



hey guys, I just had a pretty cool idea. you know how next week (october 26- november 1) is asexual awareness week? it is INCREDIBLY important that everyone, asexual AND allosexual, makes it a Huge Freaking Deal. let’s make it blow up. let’s make it so that next year is asexual PRIDE, not AWARENESS. 

This is really important. Everyone deserves awareness and pride in their identity! Keep this in mind next week.

i have beta blockers for anxiety but my aunt thought i was making it up :-) nice

tsupei said: well surely your parents should aknowledge ur need of seeing someone??? idk

my aunt + family dont know im mentally ill they either think its me being lazy or moody and im kind of scared to tell them for my own safety bu t yea ty sighs,

tsupei said: for the self diagnosis make sure you're 100% like 5 or more symptoms and even then you need to see a doctor to be refferred and get the right medication :(9

ah ok!! but ab the #medication stuff im not allowed out of the house without a good reason especially alone so i cant rly get help/a doctors opinion for it oops

please read that read more

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i need a goddamn therapist 

"if you said you were pissed off and were gonna be offline then why are you back like half an hour later" well idk maybe theres this thing called i Dont Fucking Know what my Emotions Are Doing :-)

mah0uka replied to your post: the mutuals which i Actually Like hate…

just stay away from the whole thing and if any of them attempt to talk to you about the other just politely ask them to not, because you don’t want to be in the middle of their personal stuff

thank u…….

the mutuals which i Actually Like hate each other im

literally talking to my aunt and trying to not tell her im fucking mentally ill and/or trans takes so much out of me i probably wont be on for the rest of tonight dont fucking talk to me thanks


i’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual


so sick of tumblr romanticizing T͚̪̩͇̩͈͖͙̤̣͖͙͍̬̦̝͖̕͜ͅͅH͈͇̮̠̳̘̰̳̹͕̫̬̥͙̼͓͜͠E͏̵̵̢͎͇̼̭͓ ̴̡̖̣̙͍̘͎̰̱͇̯̼̩̘̮̞̬̜͈̀̀͠V̸҉̛̻͕̟̙̞̪̞̳̕Ǫ̶̢͉̻̣̟̪̬̺̣̭̟͈͙̯̳̞̼̗̺͝I̡͚̘̣̙͚͈̮̦̝͓̲̞̪͜D̶̥͖̣͍͔̳͕͎̭̥


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